The Journey Begins

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Travel Botty is an inflatable potty that is lightweight and portable… making it an ideal potty for use when travelling. When deflated it is compact, and unlike plastic travel potty’s can be squeezed into your suitcase, backpack, rucksack, or handbag taking up minimal space.

The travel potty is made with a layer of memory foam sandwiched inside an air tight shell with a valve. The valve is closed when it’s rolled up.   When you need to use the potty, the valve is opened and the self-inflating foam expands by sucking air into the shell. Once the foam has expanded you can inflate the product further by manually blowing air into the valve. The valve is then closed and the potty is ready for use.

The potty has a sealable lid, to contain the contents after use. The lid snaps into place and seals using neo-magnets, the worlds strongest permanent magnets. Once the lid snaps closed the potty can be carried in confidence knowing the contents are securely sealed inside until the lid is opened and the potty emptied .

thumbnail_5 - Has Lid